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来自路透社的最新消息:为稳定德国铁路集团财务状况,一份出售德国铁路集团下属全资子公司 DB Schenker的资料已经呈报到德国财政部门!


这将是继APL Logistics和UTI之后又一家面临此窘况的公司。


德国财政部表示:“DB Schenker的部分或全部将被出售”。


在去年,德国联邦铁路(Deutsche Bahn)聘请银行帮助其估值国际客运系统以及DB Schenker,目标是筹集45亿欧元。




BERLIN, Oct 24 (Reuters) - The German government is considering selling at least a part of Schenker, the logistics arm of rail operator Deutsche Bahn, according to a Finance Ministry document seen by Reuters.

The document was sent to parliament’s budget committee, which had asked the ministry for proposals on how to stabilise state-owned Deutsche Bahn’s finances.

The ministry wrote: “A complete or a partial sale of Schenker AG could be taken up again.”

The budget committee asked for possible plans to improve Deutsche Bahn’s liquidity after the government provided the rail operator with a cash injection of 2 billion euros ($2.35 billion).

Deutsche Bahn last year hired banks to help it float its Arriva international passenger transport system as well as Schenker with the goal of raising 4.5 billion euros.

A finance ministry spokeswoman confirmed the letter had been sent to the budget committee but declined to comment on its content.

Two German parties that are exploring forming a coalition with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives support the idea of selling state assets, including a stake in Commerzbank .

The pro-business FDP and the Greens want to use the proceeds to fund investments in education and modern digital infrastructure.

Schenker was two years ago valued at 4 billion-5 billion euros.

DB Schenker