11312TEU集装箱船MSC LUCIANA 在渤海撞上中国货船,距上次马士基浙江撞船仅36天!

2017-11-23 10:15:17 yonghehuoyun 19

来自国际航行安全跟踪机构FLEETMON昨夜今晨的最新消息: 北京时间11月21日凌晨3时30分,在天津港附近,一艘船名为 MSC LUCIANA,运力高达11312TEU大型集装箱船在渤海海域,和中国籍货船 SULIANHAIJI 0118 苏联海机0118)发生严重碰撞事故!

事故直接造成 SULIANHAIJI 0118苏连海机0118)轮右舷中部破损船体进水,被撞货船上有16名船员处境危险!

MRCC Tianjin China was alerted at 0330 Beijing time Nov 21 by collision report. 

Mega container ship MSC LUCIANA collided with Chinese cargo ship SULIANHAIJI 011 in Bohai sea, 7 nm off Caofeidian port. MSC LUCIANA  left Tianjin, bound for Busan, and collided with SULIANHAIJI 011  some two or three hours after leaving Tianjin. 

SULIANHAIJI 011 sustained starboard hull breach in midshipsection area, with ensuing massive water ingress. SAR ship BEI HAI JIU 119 (IMO 9763447) was sent to assist. damaged freighter was taken to Caofeidian and anchored, another report said she was grounded to avoid sinking. 16 crew safe. 

MSC LUCIANA interrupted her voyage and was brought to anchor on Caofeidian anchorage, no information on her damages. As of 1230 UTC Nov 22, she was still at anchor. Most probably, she also sustained damages.


从外媒的事故报道中可以看出,事发时“MSC LUCIANA”刚挂靠完天津港前往釜山,在离开天津两三个小时后与苏连海机0118相撞。